Golf ball chair for your swing studio

Do you have your own swing studio or golf simulator at home or at your club?

Well first of all, congratulations, if you have your own swing studio we salute you! you are a lucky golfer!
..but second of all, what furniture have you put in it?

Our range of golf ball chairs and tables are ideal for anyone who has their own swing studio. Why invest all that money in an amazing home golf simulator and then use conventional furniture from somewhere like Ikea?

As a customer recently proclaimed to us..."go big or go home!"

Check our some of these amazing from customers and businesses who have already added dimple's golf ball chair to their amazing set ups!

golf ball chair swing studio

Buy your golf ball chair online now and subject to stock, you could get it in time for putting under the tree, so if you can't get on the course this Christmas at least you can have the golf party at yours and entertain your guests in style with your very own golf ball chair!