Just a couple of guys and a dream...

Our story is pretty simple, we're Rob & Russ and we both love golf and bold interiors. We think we know a bit about what makes good design and we saw an opportunity to mix our business with our passion and created DimpleDesign.

The DimpleChair is our launch product but we have lots of other ideas too, which we hope to introduce soon. All with a simple but high quality design ethos. We won't make crap and we'll always try to create products that people love to use!

As a start up we rely heavily on the help and support of our friends, family and kind folks that we meet along the way! Christos and Grace have already joined us on our journey and as we grow we can't wait to welcome more like-minded people too.

If you're interested to join us on our journey, if you think you might be able to help us or work with us email either the 'mover' russell@dimpledesigned.com or the 'shaker' rob@dimpledesigned.com