Golf Ball Chair for Businesses

If you’re looking for an iconic piece of furniture for an interior design project; to furnish a hotel, guest accommodation, office or bar - Dimple Chair offers a unique  and memorable addition to any space.
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A golf ball chair will always attract attention for it’s visual appeal, but once experienced Dimple Chair’s value as a high-quality, comfortable piece of furniture is obvious too. Whether featured as part of a specific golf / sports theme or to complement an existing luxe experience, a golf ball chair like ours is ideal for any scenario.

Your don’t have to love golf to own or appreciate the aesthetic elegance of the golf ball chair and it’s amazing comfort. Used for relaxing or as general seating, Dimple Chair will make a huge impression where ever it’s used!

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Where to use your golf ball chair

Here are just some of the ways that you might consider using your golf ball chair:

  • in themed private guest accommodation 
  • in golf resorts and hotels 
  • in sports bars
  • in themed office environments
  • in swing studios
  • in sports retail outlets 
  • in club houses

Make it yours

golf ball chair for business 2

Our golf ball chair is designed to look amazing in any environment, but with our customisation service, you can now add your company logo to the reverse and our golf ball chair becomes an amazing marketing asset to help promote your brand / business.

We can add any 4-col logo or artwork to your chair as long as you have the appropriate permissions for reproduction. For details of our golf ball chair customisation options, contact one of our team at

To order your branded golf ball chair: