Golf Ball Chair at Home

A Dimple Chair is the perfect addition to any home, who wouldn’t want a golf ball chair to reflect their love of golf!
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During Covid-19 so many of us have spent prolonged periods at home, which has resulted in a boom in the creation of games rooms, home golf simulators rooms and domestic bars as we all recognise the value in making spaces that we enjoy spending time in.

A golf ball chair is a wonderful piece of furniture to add to any domestic scene…comfortable to relax in and wonderful to look at, a golf ball chair become and instant talking point in any home and an iconic centre piece to any room.

If you want a modern classic in your home, order your golf ball chair today:

Where to use your golf ball chair at home

Here are just some of the ways that you might consider using your golf ball chair in and around your home:

  • great as a favourite TV chair
  • perfect for use as a gaming chair
  • add it in your home bar, gym or games room
  • put in your mancave (or womancave) as YOUR chair when the dogs not settled on it!
  • working from home? a golf ball chair in your home office will make you the envy of colleagues on zoom calls
  • got a home golf simulator / swing studio - you lucky devil, finish off the space with a golf ball chair 

    Make it yours

    golf ball chair at home 2

    Our golf ball chair is designed to look amazing in any home and with our customisation service, you can now  add your name, logo or family crest to the reverse to make your golf ball chair an amazing and gift for someone special! How impressive would it be to present the 'golfer' in your life with an extra special gift for a special anniversary, wedding gift or birthday present.

    We can add any 4-col logo or artwork to your chair as long as you have the appropriate permissions for reproduction. To discuss details of our golf ball chair customisation options, contact one of our team at

    To order your own personalised golf ball chair: