We're expanding and are looking to work with people and businesses who share our passion for golf, bold design and fun!

A blunt Yarksha-man and a Cheshire Brummie, we're an acquired taste but our straight-talking approach and style is a reflection of our no-nonsense approach to bringing Dimple to the world.  


Want some Dimple

in your life?

We're looking beyond our own borders, beyond the UK and beyond Golf and looking to connect with anyone who can help our new enterprise be seen by as many people as possible and give as many people and businesses the chance to own their very own DimpleChair!

Sales Agents

If you're a Sales Agent who can help introduce DimpleChair to a new audience, get in touch and we'll introduce you to our Sales Agent Scheme.



If you're a business who would like to discuss a Distribution license

with us, get in touch and let's discuss our Trade Supply Model. 

Affiliate Schemes

If you're a PGA Pro and would like to promote DimpleChair to your members and network - get in touch and well introduce you to our Affiliate Scheme.


If you're an influencer, media outlet or marketing whizz and can help promote DimpleChair, get in touch and tell us how we can help you and you can help us on our journey.

Sign up to join us on our journey to get more golf butts on chairs all over the world - dimples and all!

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